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30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who

Hello fellow enemies of Hitler and lovers of all things good in the world like puppies and rainbows!

Today begins our 30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who which conveniently ends on August 27th (see what we did there?) the day of the premiere of “Let’s Kill Hitler”.

We’ve taken questions both from your submissions and from other 30 Day Doctor Who challenges along with some of the best questions of the 30 Day DW-related tumblr tags. We think they should be fun.

For those new to 30 Day memes: each day, create a post answering the day’s question. Tag it 30+days+of+summer+break+doctor+who and/or 30+days+of+doctor+who. Go browse the tags to see what your fellow Whovians have answered. We’ll be reblogging some of our favs.

So have at em.

  • Day 01: Which regeneration of The Doctor would you most want to meet and why? (via xtermin8)
  • Day 02: What’s your favorite episode (and why)?
  • Day 03: Favorite quote or one liner from Doctor Who? (via toastweasel)
  • Day 04: What’s your favorite relationship on Doctor Who?
  • Day 05: What habit of the Doctor’s makes you laugh the most?
  • Day 06: If you had a vortex manipulator and could tell your past self just one thing, what would it be?
  • Day 07: If you could have your memory erased of any Doctor Who episode so you could watch it again like it was brand new, which one would it be & why? (viakittieswithpottymouths)
  • Day 08: Draw whatever you think a Time Head would look like.
  • Day 09: Name something/someone in real life that you suspect is from Doctor Who
  • Day 10: Who is your favorite guest actor to appear in an episode of Doctor Who?
  • Day 11: What actor would you love to see guest star on Doctor Who?
  • Day 12: Name a Doctor Who TV crossover that you would love to see happen (other than Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures).
  • Day 13: What is your favorite/scariest Moffatism?
  • Day 14: Which Doctor Who baddies could you potentially see teaming up with The Doctor (not including the Master)? (via welpidunno)
  • Day 15: Would you perfer to have River’s sonic blaster or the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver? (via timelordanon)
  • Day 16: What’s your favorite Who-related Tumblr (other than DWO)?
  • Day 17: What songs would appear in your Doctor Who mixtape?
  • Day 18: Mods are asleep! Anything goes!
  • Day 19: Which Doctor Who character is most like you?
  • Day 20: What’s your favorite “guest appearance” by someone from history (i.e. Churchill, Van Gogh, etc)? (via motel-money-murder-madness)
  • Day 21: Post your favorite Who-related photo or GIF
  • Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?
  • Day 23: Favorite villain [classic and new] (via fildespensees)
  • Day 24: What is your most memorable Rory death scene? (via sexplosion)
  • Day 25: The TARDIS has a pool. What other weird rooms or objects do you think are in there?
  • Day 26: Which character would you most want to meet IRL and why?
  • Day 27: What scene makes you hide behind the sofa?
  • Day 28: Name a Whoism that you use in real life
  • Day 29: Make up your own short fanfic using Doctor Who animated GIFS.
  • Day 30: Why do you love Doctor Who?

I’m going to do this because I am bored. Prepare for a massive Who-spam until I catch up.

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    I’m going to do this because I am bored. Prepare for a massive Who-spam until I catch up.
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