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Rest of my life, traveling in the tardis, the Doctor Donna.


Rose and Donna, a friendly scene between them we didn’t see in Turn Left
I hope this is something like you asked for! Turn left was such an emotionally charged episode, I wanted to draw a quieter scene between Rose and Donna. Just like with Rose and Martha, I wished Rose and Donna had more episodes together… Like, idk, a million more of them being time-travelling besties or something :D
*note to self: add “Donna as the Doctor and Rose as her companion” to growing list of AUs


It’s amazing how often Donna is needed to tell the Doctor to stop. It makes me wonder what would have happened had she seen eleven during some episodes.

The Doctor doesn’t need a gaggle of women who basically step aside and let him do whatever because they have a fucking crush on him.

He needs someone to yell out “oi! Spaceman you stop it right now or i’ll slap you so hard you won’t need a tardis to see tomorrow!”

Or the quiet voice of reason that says “that’s enough, you can stop now.”

Foreshadowing of Donna’s Fate

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That’s Donna!

That big picture, Donna, you keep on missing it.

Well, why should they?

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donna noble + the sass

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If you don’t love Donna I think you’re wrong

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